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MYSILO, the biggest in Europe, trusted on the experience of IDEAL MAKINA for Nitrogen Generators used for laser cutting machines!
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MYSILO the biggest manufacturer of cereal storaging silos is located in Aksaray. The company is exporting its products to more than 60 countries in 5 continents. MYSILO preferred IDEAL MAKINA NITROGEN GENERATION SYSTEM in order to consume more economical Nitrogen gas for cutting galvanic and stainless sheets on Laser Cutting Machines.


The company started to cut galvanic and stainless sheet with high purity Nitrogen produced by IDEAL MAKINA Generators.


IDEAL MAKINA proved once again its experience not only with the ensured gas purity rate of %99,9999 but also with the unfailing gas purity by sudden and excessive gas consumption.


The generator is filling up the cylinder bundle at a rate of 50Nm3/h with %99,9999 purity and with a high pressure of 230 barg. Laser cutting machines need in general a pressure of 20-25 barg. The pressure of MYSILO’s Nitrogen system is being regulated to this rate. By this, galvanic and stainless sheet can be cut more faster, cleaner and without any oxidation. Besides this, all copper pipping, which start from the generator system till to the laser cutting machine were handled by the IDEAL TEAM as well as all related accessories needed for the production of Nitrogen.


‘Tailor Made’ projects are being successfully applied by IDEAL MAKINA. If you would like to get more detailed information about reducing your gas costs for your Fiber or CO2 laser cutting machine; reach us for sharing our experience with you.



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