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We as IDEAL MAKINA achieve special projects to give best solutions for your production lines. We are using industrial equipments.   Our main goal is during design phase of the project; offer the optimum solution from first investment cost to operating cost. Products which are offer by IDEAL MAKINA are working without any problem because of;

  • Main importer of using equipments,
  • working flexibility and low-cost due to have own machines in own workshop,
  • Installedprojects since year 2002,
  • Well trained technical service staff and their well application practice ability.

Examples of performed projects;


  • Pneumatic conveying for food industry such as flour, starch, salt, corn and derivatives, spices and so on.
  • Pneumatic conveying for industrial products such as calcite, gypsum powder, cement, pvc granules, coal powder, detergents, chemicals, dust and so on.
  • Measurement, controlling and recording of levels for liquid and solid raw material stock tanks.
  • Designing, manufacturing and commissioning of chemical dosing systems for paper, chemical, energy and wood industry.
  • Pure nitrogen gas production and filling to tubes system.
  • Pure oxygen gas production and filling to tubes systems.
  • Nitrogen production system 230 barg for applications such as plastic injection, laser cutting machines, gas spring.
  • Oxygen production system for applications such as hospitals, fish farms, gold mines, glass processing, aluminum casting.
  • Medical breathing air conditioning units for hospitals comply with Pharmacopeia standards.
  • Vacuum lifting systems for lifting and transporting for materials such as metal, wood, concrete.


We are ready to work for you if we can suggest a solution.